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requires no start-up capital


Limited liability


English Limited Company (BVBA)

All the benefits of a BVBA with additional benefits of a limited company

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An English Limited company is ...

An interesting alternative for a Belgian Limited Company (BVBA) that is not only cheaper, requires no start-up capital and furthemore offers you tax concessions.

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All the additional benefits of a Limited company

Easy set-up & operation

Fast set-up, fully registered and operational in only 15 minutes

Easier company registration

Company can be set up with one or more persons or other legal entit(y)ies

Low cost

Does not need a deed drawn up by a solicitor / notary nor does it require a financial plan

No start-up or minimum capital necessary

Maximum tax benefits

Transferring or selling shares is straightforward and does not require the use of a solicitor / notary for drawing up the required documents

Lower company tax in England 19% (up to £300.000 net profit)

Extra Protection

No founder's liability

Better protection against creditors

Better protection of your personal assets

International appeal and image: has a better reputation and is more trustworthy on the international market

Can also be used as a

Holding inside a Group

Director / shareholder in a Belgian company

Is a Limited company of any interest to you?

A Limited company whatsoever is without doubt interesting for entrepreneurs who envision maximal tax concessions. It is especially interesting for people who are in a vulnerable situation such as:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Difficult divorce
  • Looking for a second chance after a previous failure
  • Forming a low budget Limited Company (100£) and only be liable for this amount
  • Critical entrepreneurs aiming for maximum tax benefits
  • Reshaping of a new shareholders structure
  • Upon transferring company ownership

How we can help you

Formation of a Limited company takes place in accordance with the more flexible English rules and regulations. In order to be able to operate in Belgium you need to start a Belgian branch. We guide you from A to Z throughout this process and ensure that all legal obligations are fulfilled. We guarantee you:

UK section

In England Britisch flag

Fast incorporation of a new Limited or transformation of an existing Limited company (Click here for a list of all the available Limited Companies)

Registration with Companies House in England and follow-up by chartered accountants

All founding documents (Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum of Association, excerpt British Chamber of Commerce, Stock Certificate, ...)

Registered office in England

Support for annual returns in England, such as: Annual Accounts, Annual Return, filing payment of the annual legal fees for the English Traders Register

Personal follow-up at the start-up of your Limited Company

BE section

In Belgium Belgian flag

Free first consultation

Certified translation of all official documents

Registration with the Belgian Chamber of Commerce (3-7 business days, express service 1 day)

Follow-up possible by either your or our Belgian accountant

Submission and requesting of the activation of a valid VAT number for your English Limited

Introduction service with a bank and the necessary debit and credit cards (VISA, MAESTRO, etc)

Customized contemporary website for your online presence, this in accordance with your budget

Convinced? Please contact us and start today with your Belgian Limited Company as a micro-enterprise!

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Welcome to this section on V.A.T. DISCOUNTED priced Ready-Made Limited COMPANIES, from 2003 onwards or SHELL COMPANIES. UK Online BRITISH Ltd INCORPORATION AGENTS formation's Service.

Most of our clients choose from our LOW COST READYMADE LIST (see hereafter), price range from 190£ to 1800£ to purchase a Ready-Made Limited Company from us with VAT application ready, in order to have established already a "Dormant" track record of existance for some time. The Ready-Made Limited companies are already incorporated by our Lawyers or Chartered Accountants, a while ago and are transferred to our clients , with a Certificate of Good-Standing.

Lots of them do have already a "DORMANT" status and/or a Bank Account pre-ready, and are tailor-made for instant use.



  1. ONE WAY PARTNERS LIMITED - incorporated 02.12.2011: dormant - Price 6750 euro + bank account,VAT UK obtainable
  2. CAPITALI Limited - incorporated 02.12.2011 - Dormant - Financial Management - Price 6970 euro + bank account,VAT UK obtainable
  3. HARRETT & TYLE PARTNERS Ltd - incorporated 07.12.2011 : Management consultancy - Price 6250 euro + bank account,VAT UK obtainable
  4. ANDERSON GREEN PARTNERS Ltd - incorporated 25.01.2012 : Dormant - Price 5.970 euro + bank,VAT UK obtainable
  5. CAMBRIDGE FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS Ltd- incorporated 25.01.2012 Dormant -Financila consultan/intermediation- Price 7290 euro + bank
  6. HASHEM PARTNERS Ltd - incorporated 07.12.2011 Dormant - Financial intermediation -Insurance and brokers-Price 6750 euro + bank
  7. CLAIRVIEW ESTATES Ltd - incorporated 02.12.2014 Dormant - Real estate - Price 3800 euro + bank -VAT UK obtainable
  8. ELEVEN BUSINESS SYSTEMS Ltd - incorporated 13.03.2015 Dormant - Price 3800 euro + bank -VAT UK obtainable
  9. ESTATE LINK SERVICES Ltd - incorporated 06.7.2017 - Price 3100 euro + bank VAT UK obtainable
  10. SUNHILL CAPITAL Ltd - incorporated 14.7.2018 Dormant-Financial intermediation/management consultancy - Price 2100 euro + bank,VAT UK obtainable
  11. CITY LINER Ltd - incorporated 24.07.2018 - freight transport - Price 1400 euro ,bank and VAT application ready,VAT UK obtainable
  12. SERVICE PARFAIT Ltd - incorporated 11.01.2013 -freight transport + Human resources provision, management - price 2100 euro ,bank and VAT application ready
  14. What set of documents to expect ?
  16. - Certificate of Incorporation IN.01 and changes.
  17. - First Minutes.
  18. - Articles of Associations , taylor-made for your business possible
  19. - Memorandum of Associations
  20. - Share transfers shareholder(s)
  21. - Share transfer Company Director(s)
  22. - Certificate of VAT ,if any.
  23. - Bank details ,VISA ,Debit cards plus contact and bank officer's introductions.
  24. - Corporate seal,if requested.
  25. _ Proof of all up-to-date filings of P.S.C.,Annual Returns or Dormant Accounts filings with Companies House + links for self check.

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